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Kanwar J.S. Chadha, Entrada Networks: Page 5 of 8

Byte and Switch: When do you see the market regaining its previous momentum?

Chadha: I don’t know about the overall market, but I strongly believe that key sectors such as storage networking will regain momentum when investors better appreciate the long-term implications of the information explosion. The potential for massive growth in storage networking is impossible to ignore.

Byte and Switch: Do you feel that storage networking has been at least partially exempt from, or affected less by, the downturn than some other market segments?

Chadha: We still see a significant amount of funding from savvy investors being afforded to companies in this sector. In this ultra-tight, capital market these exceptions stand out noticeably. Again, the opportunity is so vast the financial community cannot afford to ignore it – even in the face of a very difficult investment climate.

Byte and Switch: To what would you attribute that effect?