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Jungle Disk Reaches Milestone

ATLANTA -- Jungle Disk, reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its consumer online storage product. Jungle Disk Desktop Edition is the safe, secure, cost effective and simple solution for online storage and back-up.

To the user, Jungle Disk appears as a network drive. Data is stored securely onto Amazon S3 where the user can drag, drop, copy or delete as they would on any hard drive. Amazon will bill 15 cents per month for each gigabyte of data, with no minimum or maximum. The user’s data is stored on their personal account. Jungle Disk Desktop Edition is available for a one-time fee of $20, including lifetime free updates.

“Jungle Disk brings the power and flexibility of Amazon S3 to consumers,” said Dave Wright, founder and CEO of Jungle Disk. “I have been interested in the idea of cloud computing for years and realized online storage is a crucial component. Easy to use, unlimited online storage that works transparently is the first step in bringing the power and promise of cloud computing to every consumer.”

Jungle Disk Inc.