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ITWorx Eliminates Tunnel Traffic

WAN appliance vendor ITWorx
is working to shore up what it considers the weakest link of data transfer -- high latency that slows transfer rates regardless of bandwidth capacity.

ITWorx next week will announce a SpeedArray acceleration feature on its Netcelera 1.5 WAN appliance. ITWorx CEO Youssri Helmy claims the new technology can accelerate bulk data transfers over a WAN by more than 100 times, enabling global disaster recovery and other business-critical applications.

SpeedArray is based on patent-pending technology that overcomes limitations of TCP caused by high latency. It uses multiple parallel tunnels to transfer on one stream, reducing the dependency on one connection and increasing maximum throughput. By spreading the data stream over multiple WAN tunnels, SpeedArray allows one tunnel to move data while the other waits for TCP.

Geoff Barrall, CTO of enterprise NAS vendor BlueArc Corp., claims SpeedArray solves one of the common obstacles to efficient replication and data recovery.

SpeedArray allows you to run multiple streams in parallel, and each stream uses a different section of the bandwidth,” Barrall says. “We’re seeing more and more demand for data replication and disaster recovery. A lot of customers want to replicate.”

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