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Is it Safe in the Clear?

Ahh, encryption. There are few security-related topics that manage to combine complexity, minutiae, and critical needs quite as thoroughly as does encryption. Government agencies simultaneously require and fear encryption, an attitude that is also common among business leaders. Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to encrypt data (does stolen personal data ring a bell?) and very few reasons to fear it. While relatively few of us might ultimately be the ones implementing encryption, it's important to understand the major issues so we can discuss its implementation and the policies governing its use intelligently. I recently had a phone call with a team of folks from WinMagic, and we discussed encryption as part of a full security program. You can listen to the podcast here.

If you're one of the folks who has a strong opinion on encryption, let me know. I know other people with whom we could have solid conversations on this topic.

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The music in this podcast is "The Sound of the Stars" from the album Secret Journey by Number Six. They're an Internet-savvy group, and you can find their album here. Give them a listen.