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IT Minute: NWC Inc. Goes Offshore

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  • Question #1:Background information and executive summary of Don MacVittie's outsourcing review.
  • Question #2: Many people have said that the biggest problem with outsourcing has been poor documentation, which hinders integration and long-term maintenance. Was you're positive documentation experience a one-off or indicative of a change in the weather?
  • Question #3: Do both large and small companies benefit equally from outsourcing their Web development?
  • Question #4: From your experience, what were the biggest obstacles to working across a large number of time zones?
  • Question #5: How do outsourcing companies handle changes (both of omission and of changing business needs) during the actual development phase?
  • Question #6: What sort of organization software did you use or do you recommend? What about utilizing existing staff members and access control procedures and applications?
  • Question #7: After final product delivery, do you find that the outsourcing industry is taking an integrator/consultant approach or acting like a a strip-mall vendor (we never want to see you again)?