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IoSafe Fires Up Disaster Protection

Disk backup specialist IoSafe claims to have built the worlds first 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure with toughened internal features, which it says can withstand fire and floods.

IoSafe made it onto our most recent top 10 startups list with its family of NAS devices contained within fire-proof and waterproof enclosures, although the vendor now claims to have pushed its protection into the drive itself with the introduction of the IoSafe 3.5.

“If someone was in the market for a PC, a server, or a storage array, you can purchase this drive and add protection where there was none,” says Robb Moore, the IoSafe CEO. “[It’s a] standard drive form factor that fits into the drive array.”

In an attempt to prove the IoSafe 3.5’s disaster-ready credentials, the startup actually set fire to one of the drives -- a standard, unprotected, 3.5-inch drive -- in a parking lot outside Byte and Switch’s offices last week.

The following pictures tell the story of one of the strangest demos ever seen at Byte and Switch:

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