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Internet Purchases, Digital Footprints Examined In Murder Trial

The trial of a computer consultant accused of killing his wife and dumping her body in a lake continued to focus on computer records Monday.

Robert Petrick tried to poke holes in evidence that prosecutors allege shows he plotted his wife's murderon computers seized from his home.

Prosecutors discovered a Google search for the words: "neck snap break" and "hold" and a record of access to instructions entitled "22 Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands." They also claimed someone used a computer in his home to research the depths of the Raleigh-area lake where his wife's body was found.

Monday, they produced a computer forensics expert who claimed Petrick purchased a stun gun through a site called "" before his wife, concert cellist Janine Sutphin disappeared in January 2003.

Petrick, a Mac specialist, coaxed experts into admitting they hadn't linked a user to the computer activity. He also stated that his deceased wife had been involved in martial arts and asked whether she could have searched the terms on Google.

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