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Interactive Data Launches Powerful New Data Permissioning Solution

NEW YORK. BUSINESS WIRE) Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, today announced the launch of PlusFeedSM Access Control System, a powerful permissioning and entitlement system designed to interface with PlusFeed, Interactive Data's low-latency consolidated datafeed. The new system can help clients to manage enterprise-wide data usage, reporting and associated costs quickly and effectively.

The scalable and easy-to-use system is designed to enable data managers to monitor and control data access across the organization with a high level of granularity and transparency, and to help manage costs by comparing actual data usage against active entitlements. Customized and in-depth entitlement reports can also help managers comply with a firm's internal and external reporting requirements. If required, clients can delegate the permissioning of data and exchange reporting to Interactive Data, using a controlled data entitlement and reporting solution.

"At a time when value is a key priority, our new data permissioning and entitlement system is designed to help clients control data usage by an end user or application across an organization, and help reduce manual workload and boost efficiency through automated and fully integrated procedures," said Jay Kilberg, managing director of Feed Solutions for Interactive Data. "The level of transparency offered by this new system can help managers control costs by viewing their firm's actual data usage versus entitlements."

The PlusFeed Access Control System can be integrated with any PlusFeed datafeed installation as a standalone entitlement module or optionally deployed as an add-on component as part of the PlusFeed Data Distribution Platform. The system comes with a web-based user interface, a fully functional API to help automate the workflow, and a powerful and highly scalable gateway server that connects to a host system managed by Interactive Data. All functionality can be integrated into a firm's own content management system or data architecture, designed to enable the client to automate the workflow and entitlement management processes all the way to the end-user or application.