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InfoVista Releases VistaInsight

PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext IFV - FR0004031649), the leading service-centric performance management software vendor, announced today the release of VistaInsight for Servers 3.0, its solution for managing next generation data centers. With this release, InfoVista applies its proven performance management technology to help customers achieve maximum gain from virtualization technology and avoid its potential pitfalls, offering the most scalable solution for heterogeneous server farms – both physical and virtual.

"Virtualization promises to alleviate many of the pressures facing data center managers as they use it to cut costs, enable disaster recovery, reduce power consumption and streamline application deployment,” said George Hamilton, director, Enabling Technologies Enterprise Group, Yankee Group.

"However, in a large environment without the right management tools, virtualization adds complexity that can erode potential cost-savings and pose new operational challenges. Determining what to virtualize is not a trivial task; it's even more challenging to ensure that when moving a virtual machine from one server to another, you're not interrupting the quality of critical services.”

VistaInsight for Servers 3.0 helps companies know what servers to virtualize, correlates the virtual machines to the physical machines they reside on, and enables pro-active response to problems in the data center before end-users are impacted. The solution collects and stores data from hundreds or thousands of servers into one unified view and provides visibility into end-to-end services by collecting information on not only the servers, but the surrounding network infrastructure, including switches, firewalls and load balancers.

The fact that most data centers are highly heterogeneous environments poses particular challenges for virtualization. Knowing what resources can be consolidated rests on having a "normalized” view of server assets – having apples-to-apples utilization and saturation comparisons between different hardware platforms running different operating systems, agents and virtualization software.

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