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InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper LAN

Cyber Infrastructure

A single CyberGatekeeper LAN enforces security-policy compliance for up to 2,000 users. For more users, you'll need multiple boxes. Likewise, if you have more than one protected VLAN on your network, you'll need to use a separate CyberGatekeeper LAN on each, because each device can identify only one VLAN as protected. Agent software, installed on every end node, checks in with the CyberGatekeeper LAN and downloads updated security policies as they're issued.

During initial configuration, the CyberGatekeeper LAN is told the VLAN ID numbers for the PLAN (protected VLAN) and the RLAN (restricted VLAN). When a networked client connects to the RLAN subnet, it receives a DHCP-assigned address. The client then checks in with the CyberGatekeeper LAN.

CyberGatekeeper Setup
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If the client is compliant with the security policies assigned to it, the switch is directed to move the user's port into the PLAN. At this point, the client requests a new IP address from the PLAN DHCP server.

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