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Industry Insights: The Case for Small Vendors: Page 2 of 3

Having watched the tech industry crumble over the past few years, we can point to many situations in which business units or entire large companies have had to deal with the same level of financial frustration as their smaller or less established rivals.

A Reasonable Strategy

As an IT professional, you often measure risk. Every day you weigh the pros and cons of each product or technology you consider. If you're evaluating an unproven vendor, examine the previous successes and failures of its technical and business management. This will help you gauge the likelihood of the company's future success.

Also, as you do with your personal finances, make your risky bets the smaller ones. Don't bet the farm on something uncertain. But don't disregard a vendor just because it isn't No. 1. You might miss a golden opportunity.

If it turns out your risky bet pays off, be vocal about it. You might even offer to serve as a reference or beta site--possibly getting better and maybe even less expensive support in the process. You'll also be giving your vendor a well-deserved chance to become the vendor no one was ever fired for buying.