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Indilinx Prepares for Future SSDs

MILPITAS, Calif. -- Indilinx, a fabless semiconductor company, unveiled Barefoot, its high-performing solid state drive (SSD) controller with 90nm process technology, and made a presentation about “High Performance SSD and Benefit for Server Applications” at FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT held in Santa Clara, California from August 12 to 14.

Barefoot™ shows the fastest read speed 230MB/s of all the products currently available in the market and supports the capacity up to 512GB with multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash. Industry experts appreciate the introduction of BarefootTM as a turning point to the times when high-performing SSD with bandwidth of over 200MB/s and random input-output (IO) of 20,000/s into various servers such as on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and a streaming server.

Also, Indilinx and MOSAID co-presented their strategic cooperation in the development of high-performing SSD controller for the next generation DDR type flash memory. Despite the prevalence of SATA 2 interface, previous SSDs didn’t fully utilize its speed specs. But BarefootTM is virtually the first controller which fully utilizes SATA 2 interface, lagging HDD about 3 years behind technically. Even further, Indilinx, with MOSAID, is preparing for the 3rd generation of controller for SATA 3 interface, which will provide 600MB/s. “BareFootTM is a Second Generation controller for Flash SSDs that meets the demanding performance requirements of PC and Server applications. This product will also help facilitate the use of new high performance NAND Flash memory such as HLNANDTM Flash,” said Jin-Ki Kim, Vice President, Research and Development, MOSAID.

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