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Incipient Sticks to Business

Incipient's latest software release has a lot of new features, but they may not be ones some customers expected. (See Incipient Releases Software Suite.)

First, what's new: The latest version of the company's iNSP block-based storage virtualization software features new scalability (four-module clusters are now offered); support for a range of host multipathing software, including EMC's PowerPath; support for Microsoft's Active Directory as well as Incipient's proprietary directory service; and the ability to upgrade software without stopping host I/O.

The upgrade is free to existing Incipient customers, who usually pay about $275,000 for a two-node configuration, including data migration and volume management.

Now, to what Incipient hasn't delivered: iNSP still lacks remote replication. And it still works only on Storage Services Modules (SSMs) for Cisco's MDS 9000 series switches -- even though Incipient talked of adding Brocade a few months back. (See Incipient and A Baby Step for Storage Virtualization.)

Incipient SVP marketing and alliances Robert Infantino is unrepentant. "We do have a roadmap for Brocade and McData," he says. "But we're customer driven, and most of our sites use Cisco." He says support beyond Cisco as well as remote replication could show up in a release by the end of 2007 or first quarter 2008.

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