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HPC Users to Spend More

SAN DIEGO -- A recent survey of HPC users worldwide conducted by Tabor Research concluded that on average, users expect to increase their overall spending on HPC products and services in 2009 and 2010. The second annual HPC Budget Map Survey” conducted by Tabor Research covered 92 users worldwide with a range of budgets and found that over two thirds of survey respondents were expecting increases in their HPC budgets over the next two years.

Of those anticipating a spending increase:

over two thirds expect their total spending to increase by at least 10%,
nearly half expect spending to increase by over 20%, and
less than one in eight users expect a decrease in HPC spending.

“The health of the HPC industry is strong and appears to be getting stronger,” said Addison Snell, Vice President and General Manager of Tabor Research. “We believe that the HPC market will grow to be about a $27.2 billion market by 2012, adding about $8.5 billion since we first measured the size of the market at $18.6 billion in 2007. During this period, we expect HPC to show some immunity to global budget cuts because of its relationship to strategic R&D.”

Tabor Communications Inc.