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HP Steps Up Software and Services

Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HWP) has announced updated services, new products, recovery software, and a new pricing model aimed at buttressing the vendor's so-called Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) strategy. The raft of upgrades is also clearly meant to dwarf competitors in this field, such as IBM Global Services.

HP says its new services are meant to reduce the difficulties of managing multivendor environments. Included are HP SAN support services, offering troubleshooting and diagnostics, as well as guidance for outsourcing, regardless of what vendor's SAN is installed. OpenView Storage Area Management consulting services give customers advice on how to create scaleable pools of storage using modular storage appliances on any operating system, HP says.

We accept the job of tracking down the problem, no matter what vendor's technology a customer has,” says John Selep, product marketing manager for HP Openview. “The customer has one neck to choke and it's ours.”

IBM Global Services professes to offer storage management services, but hasn’t publicly announced anything yet.

HP’s also got a bunch of updated products, including:

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