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Honda NZ Re-Optimizes WAN

Dianne Campbell, IS operations manager at Honda New Zealand Limited, was fed up. The WAN optimization gear her company had installed three years before wasn't delivering the kinds of reports her group required -- not easily, anyway. What's more, the one person skilled in the product had left the firm.

"We were using Packeteer but found it sort of very technical. It was quite hard to get any reporting out of it. We tried to get some training, but it didn't work out," Campbell says.

With 34 separate dealerships linked throughout New Zealand by relatively low-bandwidth connections, Honda couldn't forego optimization gear. Campbell's group looked at a few solutions, including one from Riverbed, before settling on an Exinda 4700 traffic management box.

"It's easy to use and the reporting gives us the visibility we need to quickly identify and control applications and Internet traffic," Campbell says.

The price was a selling point, too: Campbell spent roughly NZ$9,000 on Exinda's appliance -- about US$6,300. In contrast, she says Riverbed wanted at least double that amount.

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