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In-Home Techies Gain Professional Status

Next time you have "geeks" to your house, you might want to ask them for their credentials.

A new professional certification for "digital home technology integrators" is being offered through collaboration between industry organizations, the Consumer Electronics Association and Computer Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA.

The certification is geared to individuals who install, integrate and maintain "smart" homes, in which the PC is the hub controlling lighting, security systems, audio-visual and digital entertainment gear, including home media centers.

"The power of the network in the home is impressive," said Miles Jobgen, CompTIA product manager of the new certification.

The most ready candidates now for the certification are those individuals who work in the consumer electronics world doing installations of audio-visual equipment, as well as those folks who work for computer resellers and do computer repair. The expertise needed for the new digital home technology integrator certification is a blending of two skill sets.

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