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Hifn Unveils Data-Dedupe for Windows Servers

ORLANDO -- Hifn today announced the BitWackrTM 250 and 255, advanced data reduction solutions that enable server OEMs, Microsoft Partners and white-box server builders to add hardware-assisted data deduplication and compression with thin provisioning to Windows Servers. BitWackr- powered servers seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Windows applications that most benefit from deduplication and data reduction, such as NAS, SharePoint and Data Protection Manager.

Hifns patent-pending BitWackr technology delivers real-time, in-line deduplication and compression, reducing the amount of data written to disk. The first capacity optimization solution that reduces data at the point of creation, the BitWackr 250 and 255 can significantly reduce the cost of corporate storage. In an era of IT budgeting when “flat is the new up” the BitWackr-enabled servers extend IT budgets by slashing both CAPEX and OPEX expenses reducing disk capacity requirements and purchases and extending the useful life and ROI of existing storage, limiting the number of RAID units that have to be managed, lowering heat dissipation and cooling expenses, and reducing power consumption, the second biggest cost item in the data center.

“The benefits of reducing data are tangible and all the more relevant in this economic climate,” said Benjamin S. Woo, Vice President, Enterprise Storage Systems at IDC. “Deduplication is a very attractive technology for this reason and Hifn has taken a new approach to it, which will enable a broader set of customers to reap the benefits of capacity optimization.”

Hifn Inc.