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Have a Coke and a Wiretap!

If you open a case of Coca-Cola this summer and spot a strange looking can with a recessed panel and buttons on the side, you won't be drinking but may be smiling.

Turns out these special cans are fitted with cell phones and global positioning chips. The push of a red button connects the dialer to the prize center where they find out if they've won anything from cash to an SUV (It's a one-way call -- so don't get any ideas about trying to dial Uncle Hector in Paraguay).

The military, however isn't quite ready to have their Coke and smile. They're concerned that the special cans -- if brought onto a base -- could be used to eavesdrop into military matters. So every can is being scrutinized before passing by the armed guards.

Hmm???Maybe Uncle Sam just likes his Pepsi?