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Hactivism Group Launches Anonymous Browser

A group of computer hackers and human rights workers have launched a specially-crafted version of Firefox that claims to give users complete anonymity when they surf the Web.

Dubbed "Torpark" and based on a portable version of Firefox, the browser will run from a USB drive, so it leaves no installation tracks on the PC. It protects the user's privacy by encrypting all in- and outbound data, and also anonymizes the connection by passing all data through the TOR network, which masks the true IP address of the machine.

"We live in a time where acquisition technologies are cherry picking and collating every aspect of our online lives," said Hacktivismo founder, who uses the alias 'Oxblood Ruffin,' in a statement. "Torpark continues Hacktivismo's commitment to expanding privacy rights on the Internet."

Torpark can be downloaded free of charge from here. It runs on Windows only. Support is provided by user discussion boards, and a short installation and user guide is available on the site.

Last month, an add-on for Internet Explorer called "Browzar" claimed that it erased all evidence of a user's Web session. Within days, however, users and researchers disputed the claim.