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Hackers Can't Get Enough of Harry

Poor Harry Potter. As his book series comes to a dramatic end (the seventh and final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is due to be released later this month), rumors have been swirling that by the time the final page is turned, Harry will be headed to that big ol' magic school in the sky. If that isn't bad enough, poor Harry's been a recent victim of a nasty hacker, who claims to have stolen a copy of the final book and posted its secrets online. Now another batch of bad guys is taking the boy wizard's name in vain--using a worm to inflict mischief on computers worldwide.

The Register reports that a worm posing as a file containing an e-copy of the final book is infiltrating USB drives. When the drive is connected to a computer, the file infects the machine by creating bogus users (named, ironically, after Harry and several of his Gryffindor allies). It also changes the Internet Explorer home page to an Web page that contains a Harry Potter parody, "Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes."

Fortunately, the hackers appear to be more interested in causing mayhem than anything else (like stealing personal information, credit-card information and so on). Still, can't someone cut the poor kid a break? I mean, honestly, the way Harry's family and friends are all keeling over, he's already got to have some sort of complex.

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