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'Google Pack' Software To Fuel Googleplex

A pack of upcoming software programs expected to be announced Friday by Google is viewed as fundamental to the company's vision. And that's bad news for Microsoft, says one Google watcher.

While the software programs scheduled for announcement by Google at CES in Las Vegas Friday aren't particularly new, the mode of delivery--a single installer for the entire package--is viewed as fundamental to the company's vision.

Noting that Google seems to be avoiding popular office software functions such as word processing, technology analyst Steve Arnold, of Arnold IT, said Google is targeting utility software first, in a move that complements its plans for its Googleplex, a server-based interconnected massive network.

"By doing utility functions first, if it works, we'll all be doing everything off of Google," Arnold said in an interview Thursday. "We're seeing the shift from Microsoft to Google. Just look--Bill Gates is talking about Vista [coming] in a few months. The Google [announcement] is for stuff today."

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the search firm plans to unveil its Google Pack of software that will include Adobe Reader, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, RealNetworks' RealPlayer, Symantec anti-virus software and instant messaging software from Trillian. The package will likely include Google's search software and its Picasa image management application, Google Talk IM, and Google mapping software.

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