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GE Offers Data Center UPS System

LOMBARD, Ill. -- GE Digital Energy, a business of GE Enterprise Solutions (NYSE:GE), today announced that its 750kVA SG Series Digital Energy UPS system has been certified as an ecomagination product after completing GEs rigorous ecomagination Product Review (EPR) process. At a typical 50 percent load, GE’s 750kVA UPS system achieves efficiency of more than 94 percent, delivering uninterruptible power to the booming global data center industry at higher efficiency than competitors’ systems.

“As the IT industry’s demand for data storage grows significantly each year, so does the amount of energy needed to run servers and data centers,” said Larry Sollecito, President and CEO, GE Digital Energy. “GE’s investment in more energy efficient UPS technology helps data centers achieve a high level of energy efficiency without sacrificing high power capacity or reliability. A number of large data centers have already placed orders for the highly efficient 750kVA UPS.”

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