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Gcast Podcasting Service

Since its inception, podcasting has had the potential to bring broadcasting to the masses. However, it hasn't yet achieved the popularity of blogging, partly because creating a podcast requires a certain technical understanding of hardware, software, and RSS publishing.

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Gcast has simplified the matter by building a free service that makes publishing a podcast as easy as making a phone call. The service is not flawless by any means, but it is easy to use and allows anyone with a telephone to get their podcasting feet wet.

Getting Started
You start by establishing an account and creating a PIN for your phone number on the Gcast Web site. You call Gcast's 800 number, enter your PIN, listen to the instructions, and record your podcast. You can then re-record, save to your Gcast account for further review, or broadcast the podcast directly to your podcast channel (the channel is automatically created along with your account), without ever touching a computer.

Creating these voice-only podcasts is certainly simple, but there are trade-offs. You have no power to edit the recording, other than recording it again — not a trivial limitation if you are at all concerned about quality. Furthermore, when you play back the recording on the Gcast Web site, you may find electronic noise in the recording or a distinct sound when the recording ends, another drawback of using the phone. Still, you can’t beat it for ease of use or for putting together a short podcast quickly and easily— just don’t expect broadcast quality.

Adding Tunes To Voice
Once you have recorded one or more voice-based podcasts, you can work with them in Gcast's Playlist Manager, where you can mix your recordings with music from Gcast's sister site

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