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Garden State Goes for Green IT

TRENTON, N.J. -- It is harsh economic reality more than environmentalism that is pushing green IT forward, according to users attending the New Jersey Digital Government Summit here today.

The driving force behind green IT is an economic one,” explained Judith Chorba, a manager in the state of New Jersey’s central office of IT, during a panel discussion this afternoon.

The official explained that power costs, in particular, have spiraled out of control, making green IT much more economically viable for the Garden State. “When we get more servers and we try to add more stuff to our data centers, we are out of power.”

With New Jersey also wrestling with statewide budget issues, Chorba and her team are starting to use virtualization, as well as looking at deduplication and thin provisioning to cut power costs.

“We’re very aware of the energy we consume to run state systems,” she added, explaining that the state’s newest data center in Hamilton Township is being fitted with energy efficient features to reduce hardware sprawl and power consumption.

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