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Friday Freebie

Happy Friday!
Today's almost-freebie combines security and FTP servers. It's only free for 30 days, but the company suggests that the initial license should give you ample time to analyze network traffic and determine how secure (or insecure) your FTP servers might be.
And today's real freebie is MonoStack from BitRock.
Tumbleweed has announced the availability of its FTP Analyzer Tool, a diagnostic tool to help organizations identify unsecured or rogue FTP traffic in their IT environments. You can view a short demo of the product here.

The Tumbleweed FTP Analyzer is a Java-based network sniffer application that allows organizations to capture and analyze secure vs. unsecure file transfers and sessions taking place within an organization. The new free tool helps organizations find the FTP servers that pose a security risk to the organization, generating a two-page executive-level report as well as a detailed log. The executive report identifies:

?? Overall volume of secure and unsecure file transfer traffic
?? Secure and unsecure file transfer traffic over time
?? Top 10 largest unsecured files transferred
?? Top 10 busiest FTP servers

The new FTP Analyzer delivers features including:
?? Monitoring of Port 21 FTP traffic to analyze the flow of secure and unsecure FTP traffic
?? Scheduling functionality allows users to create a ???set and forget it??? schedule of monitoring
?? Reporting and analysis provide users with easy-to-read, non-technical executive level reports

Happy sniffing!

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