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Foundry Debuts Intrusion Prevention System

Foundry Networks has just announced a new end-to-end real-time network intrusion detection and prevention solution.

Combining Foundry's IronView Network Manager (INM), the sFlow nework traffic monitor and Snort, an open-source network intrusion prevention and detection system, the solution allows network managers to quickly identify and resolve network intrusions. IronView's feeds sFlow network data, logging packets for every witch and router port on the network to Snort, which can then identify and isolate potential threats for remediation.

Snort searches the sFlow data for matches in its regularly-updated intrusion signature file. When the search turns up a positive match, the software notifies the INM, whish then produces a report to the network administrator.

"In today's environment, network security is a top priority for all IT managers," Foundry Networks vice president and enterprise business unit general manager Bob Schiff said in a statement. "A huge challenge has been deploying scalable security solutions that are cost-effective and do not degrade or interfere with network performance."