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Firms Offer Compliance Guide

WASHINGTON -- Baker & McKenzie, one of the worlds leading law firms with more than 3,400 locally qualified, internationally experienced lawyers in 38 countries, and Postini, a global leader in on-demand communications security and compliance solutions for email, instant messaging and the web, today announced the availability of a new guide designed to alert business management to electronic data compliance issues, including government mandates and e-discovery requirements.

Written by Cynthia Jackson, a partner with Baker & McKenzie LLP with years of experience in compliance, litigation and employment law, the guide assists companies in considering policies and processes for maintaining electronic records, thereby reducing litigation risks, addressing e-discovery issues, maintaining a hostility free work environment, protecting intellectual property, utilizing encryption, and navigating potentially conflicting international issues.

Designed to educate general counsels and compliance officers as well as finance, IT, human resources and other business professionals, the guide addresses corporate readiness, cites numerous examples and discusses relevant laws including the December 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, the California Security of Personal Information Act of 2004 and numerous other domestic and foreign laws and regulations and best practice tips.

“Companies of all shapes and sizes, not just large or regulated public companies, should beware that the age of electronic data imposes challenges and liabilities,” said Jackson. “Obviously, publicly-traded companies, those in regulated industries such as health or financial services, those in actual or threatened litigation or those that operate in international markets have a heightened need to manage electronic data properly. But smaller and mid-caps should also be thinking about implementing systems and training now to safeguard their IP, customer and employee confidential data, protecting their employees from offensive electronic emails and websites, and preparing for document destruction overrides (a litigation hold) in the event of threatened litigation.”

“Navigating through electronic communications compliance is a top-of-mind issue as organizations deal with requirements and implications of e-discovery today,” said Sundar Raghavan, vice president of solutions marketing at Postini. “The need to better archive, retain, filter, and protect electronic data has never been greater. The Business Guide to Managing Electronic Data will help companies come to grips with the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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