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FCOE Group Claims Milestone

In news highlighting the growing momentum behind Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCOE), participants in the standards-setting effort say they hit a milestone during a meeting last week.

"We resolved the last major controversy -- well, the last controversy that had people really holding their ground," says Robert Snively, a Brocade principal engineer and committee member.

"This was the last major technical area that needed to be closed," says Joe Gervais, senior marketing director at Emulex, whose company sent three representatives to last week's meeting.

In Austin, Texas, on Feb. 6, members of the group tasked with standardizing FCOE (specifics on that momentarily) agreed on a common addressing format for devices and hosts in an FCOE networks. The new format allows both servers and network switches to assign MAC addresses. The resolution followed arguments about whether servers should take precedence over switches, or vice versa.

The kerfuffle over addresses was the latest of several the FCOE group has surmounted since beginning its work last year. With that out of the way, the group hopes for -- but is not committing to -- a June 2008 date for a complete spec that's ready for a ratification vote.

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