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FAST, Arkivio Team

OSLO, Norway -- Fast Search & Transfer (OSEAX: FAST.OL) (FAST™), a leading developer of search technologies, and Arkivio Inc., providing leading Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions for enterprise companies, today announced an OEM partnership to provide an intelligent search solution for companies struggling to manage and find files within multiple terabytes of data storage.

As companies collect and archive more data, it becomes difficult to find and retrieve important information quickly and cost-effectively. ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR is a software solution that enables IT users to organize and classify their data and storage resources based on their relative importance to the business in order to drive the appropriate data to an online archive. The company wanted to add a sophisticated search solution that operated across heterogeneous storage environments to help clients proactively index their data based on each file’s content, index only appropriate subsets of data rather than requiring every file to be indexed, and then help them retrieve data based on sophisticated search criteria anywhere within their storage environment.

Arkivio chose FAST InStream® because it allows the ARKIVIO AUTO-STOR solution to search across multiple storage tiers. Arkivio will implement the FAST technology by “indexing at rest” rather than while data is “in-flight” during data movement. This will enable customers to index when computing cycles are available rather than consuming processing and networking resources during normal operating periods. Secondly, FAST InStream’s open architecture standards, common platforms, and standard operating systems readily integrate with the ARKIVIO AUTO-STOR solution. In addition, FAST InStream helps companies comply with federal guidelines for corporate data governance. As a result, Arkivio can now offer clients an advanced solution that provides better, cost-effective access to their corporate assets while permitting file searching on any tier in the client’s storage environment.

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