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Expert View: The Hack Around The Corner

I have seen the future. And it is broken.

It's been a lousy year on multiple security fronts. And the glum assessment is that things are only getting worse.

Increased hacker sophistication and the rise of crime as a prime hacker motivator, have resulted in a supple and ambitious enemy, ready to shift strategies and techniques as known vulnerabilities are patched, eliminated, or walled-off.

Or as new opportunities arise.

We are on the cusp of an explosion of new technologies into mainstream usage, both in enterprise and consumer spaces. Web services and applications, radio frequency-identification (RFID), ubiquitous wireless access, and smarter, more hackable cell phones are among the technologies likeliest to attract hacker attention. Security vendors and forward-looking security professionals are already preparing for the next wave of threats, the next cyber-battlefields.

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