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EMC Forces Out SANgate CEO

EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) has successfully chased a former employee through the courts and off the storage map.

A Boston County court judge has found in the storage giants favor against SANgate Systems CEO Doron Kempel.

EMC slapped a non-compete suit on Kempel when he joined storage startup SANgate earlier this year. EMC claimed that by taking the position, Kempel was breaching the non-compete clause in his employment contract that forbids him from working for a competitor for 12 months after leaving EMC (see EMC Sues Another Ex).

The injunction issued by the court this week prevents Kempel from continuing in his position as CEO at SANgate until August 2002. He is also precluded from working for SANgate in any “policy-making” role, EMC officials said.

“We are pleased to see our employee agreements being upheld,” said a spokesperson for EMC. “It makes it clear to everyone that they are fair.”

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