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Embedded Linux developer tool updated

SAN FRANCISCO — Embedded Linux developer service provider TimeSys Corp. Wednesday (June 7) announced the latest a "major" standards-based Eclipse and CDT upgrade to the company's Linux Developer Suite.

TimeSys (Pittsburg) said LinuxLink, a Web-based resource for embedded Linux development, is the first commercial offering to support embedded developers that build and assemble their own commercial-grade custom Linux platforms. Developer Suite leverages the benefits of LinuxLink to work with the latest versions of Linux kernels and tool chains, according to the company.

The latest update to the company's Linux Developer Suite is based on Eclipse 3.1 and CDT 3.0.1, the company said. The tool provides an end-to-end solution from kernel hacking to platform application development as well as interoperability with a broad collection of third-party plug-ins, the company said.

"As the Eclipse platform has matured, TimeSys has continued to innovate and extend the Eclipse platform to provide comprehensive support across the embedded Linux development project lifecycle: driver development, application development, Linux verification and platform optimization," said Larry Weidman, TimeSys CEO, in a statement. "The LinuxLink Developer Suite combines the power of an industry leading IDE solution with sophisticated web based tools for creating and maintaining Linux platforms over multiple product release cycles."