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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- To robustly power a brand new color-correction and editorial production facility, EFILM LLC purchased a complement of technology from SGI (NASDAQ:SGIC) to meet the nail-biting deadlines of Hollywood movie trailer production. A pioneering digital film lab that has relied on innovative SGI(R) InfiniteStorage and storage area network (SAN) technology for many years, EFILM expanded its business into movie trailers in an 8,000 square-foot building across the street from its main Hollywood, Calif., facility. Gutting the interior, EFILM designed its movie trailer business, with networking assistance from SGI Professional Services, to house two editorial suites and a color-correction suite, which also functions as a digital or film screening room for the end product.

The acknowledged market leader in digital intermediate (DI), known for their ability to work with directors and cinematographers to create an entire "look" for a film starting from the first day on a set, EFILM is wholly owned by Deluxe Laboratories. Operational for two months, EFILM's movie trailer business has been busy from day one, with SGI high-speed storage and networking technology at its core.