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E-mail Marketing Software: Spam In A Pretty Wrapper?

If you're like me, you're on at least one mailing list. If it was only one list, I'd be ecstatic! Anyway, I digress. One of the new fads is HTML e-mail that's made to imitate a newsletter.

Colorful columns filled with graphs, pictures, animations. Words blended together to entice you to read more.but is it working?

Let's just cover the bases on what many of the software packages do for you and your business. Now we're talking about legitimate marketing messages to people who have opted to receive your e-mail.

This software genre lets you maintain your e-mail database (some import from other packages and file formats), schedule future e-mail broadcasts, use templates (and purchase additional templates). Basically everything you could possibly want and need, but probably not all in the same software package. Oh well

Back to the actual e-mail that's sitting in my inbox. In my case, I never get past the rendering of the images. I just use my trusty delete key. I don't have time to play with HTML e-mail.

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