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Dynamic Solutions Adds New VTL

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Dynamic Solutions International (DSI), a leading international provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services for business and enterprises, announce the availability of version two (v.2) of the DSI9000 Virtual Tape Library (VTL) offerings for data backup and recovery. The DSI9000 v.2 VTL family provides attachment for a broader spectrum of platforms.

The DSI9000 is the third generation of virtual tape solutions brought to the market by DSI. Building on the strengths of previous VTL releases, the DSI9000 v.2 VTL is ideal for enterprise environments that want to implement a cost-effective disaster recovery solution, reduce the need for tape in the backup process, and increase the speed of backup and recovery. The DSI9000 v.2 VTL is a comprehensive solution that supports end-to-end high-speed connections, offers multi-streaming, multi-session backup capabilities, and connects to numerous backup servers and mainframes thus streamlining the backup process and providing powerful features to ensure security and recovery.

In the mainframe computing environments like Unisys MCP and OS2200, having an integrated end-to-end solution brings many benefits the customer. For MCP, DSI offers its own host-based software for tape management and library management across an enterprise.

Dynamic Solutions International (DSI)