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Dmailer Enhances Backup Software

MARSEILLE, France -- Dmailer, the number one synchronization and backup software manufacturer worldwide, announced the introduction of Dmailer Backup V.2, a unique and groundbreaking Windows & Mac compatible backup software product. Ultra-simple, yet highly functional, Dmailer Backup V.2 automatically backs up a users data and allows for “one-touch” restore to any computer, even offering cross-platform compatibility. Dmailer Backup V.2 allows users to enjoy the same rich feature set and GUI on a PC or Mac, overcoming compatibility issues by allowing the same application to be used on both systems.

It allows users to automatically back up individual files and folders from a PC to any portable storage device (USB flash drive, flash card, hard disk drive, mp3 player, iPod etc) and restore them on a Mac, or vice-versa. Furthermore, Dmailer Backup V.2 grants users the capability to back up files and folders from a Mac or PC – or both, using different profiles – to the same mobile storage device.

Dmailer Backup V.2 offers complimentary benefits to Apple’s Time Machine automatic backup feature. Where Time Machine allows for system-only backup and restore, Dmailer Backup V.2 adds the capability to backup and restore individual files and folders.

“Dmailer Backup V.2 represents a breakthrough in backup software technology,” says Lucas Léonardi, Dmailer’s CEO. “Its ability to answer the inherent problems around Mac/PC compatibility makes it the perfect solution in mixed Mac/PC households or offices. Using the same application, users can now back up their partners Mac at home, their child’s Desktop PC from their bedroom and their laptop PC from work – all with one simple application using multiple profiles. It becomes a great tool for moving or migrating files from PC to Mac. That is really terrific,” said Léonardi.