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Distributed Wireless Security Monitoring Systems: Page 4 of 6

Despite its quirks, AirDefense Enterprise 7.0 easily identified and contained all the devices I threw at it. The audit log records every action the user performs in the GUI, which is helpful for regulatory compliance and an imperative in larger organizations where multiple people may manage the system. Best of all, the forensic analysis added a wealth of detail about my wireless network and devices attached to it that no other product provides.

AirTight SpectraGuard Enterprise 4.1

AirTight is an up-and-comer in the wireless IDS market, with a raft of new features, including API support and sensors with connectorized antennas, that rival offerings from more-established competitors.

AirTight shipped me a small rackmountable appliance with several sensors to scan for intrusions at the radio-frequency signal layer. The server requires a serial interface for initial network configuration. The sensors connected to the server over a built-in host name that I prepopulated on my DNS server, but they also sport a serial interface for text-based configuration. After pointing my workstation's Web browser to the appropriate URL, a Java-based GUI loaded and I entered the default credentials.

An extensive start-up wizard requires the user to change the administrative password and then steps through a detailed configuration of the discovered wired networks, default security policies and so on. There's a multitude of options in the Administration section, especially on operating policies, so read carefully before configuring. The threat mitigation is turned off by default, but after you're sure everything is set correctly, you can easily turn it on to actively protect your wireless network.