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Disable IE's Active Scripting To Protect Against Bug

While users wait for Microsoft to patch the most recent zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, security experts agree that the best way to protect PCs is to dump the browser's Active Scripting function.

Even eEye Digital Security, one of two commercial security vendors that has released unsanctioned, temporary patches for the problem, said so.

"Organizations should only install this patch if they are not able to disable Active Scripting as a means of mitigation," eEye warned in the advisory accompanying the patch.

Microsoft's preferred workaround for the createTextRange bug is to disable Active Scripting so as to bar any JavaScript code from running. In fact, this isn't the first time that Microsoft has urged users to switch off Active Scripting; in early December, it used the same advice when another unpatched vulnerability was wreaking havoc.

Here's how to turn off Active Scripting:

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