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Digital Archive for Small Biz Launched

NEW YORK -- Casdex, Inc., a California firm that specializes in secure data storage solutions, today announced the launch of its new, state-of-the-art digital archiving technology at the LegalTech Show, the legal industry's most important technology trade show.

Casdex provides remote data storage and digital archiving capabilities that are fully-secured, user-friendly and wholly compliant with SEC, HIPAA and SOX regulations. The Casdex technology is the first to gear itself specifically towards the budgets of small and mid-sized businesses while proving that affordability does not mean sacrificing quality and reliability.

"Small businesses and solo practitioners today have the same archiving needs

and face the same federal regulations as larger firms," said Casdex Founder and Chief Technology Officer David Barley. "We found, however, that when it

came to providing effective and secure data archiving solutions, the price tags of today's technologies automatically discounted these smaller firms.
What we've done is provided a way for start-ups, solo practitioners and small firms to have immediate access to a highly-sophisticated data storage and archiving technology at an affordable price."

Casdex Inc.