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Difusin' The Spyware Confusion

We all know that once the media finds a buzzword that works, they run with it. A current example is the plethora of articles concerning 'spyware': the modern day equivalent to the Plague, if the reports are taken literally.

What has not been addressed is the confusion in the minds' of consumers that the term spyware creates. Thus, once and for all, and being a qualified individual, I will attempt to properly define spyware:

spyware: noun

1) Unethical and possibly illegal software that Internet marketers sneak onto your computer via websites and file sharing applications (Kazaa) for the purpose of popping up advertisements or collecting marketing data from you. Similar to adware.

2) Spy software: software used to secretly record Internet activities, as in the case of a parent monitoring a child for safety.

As you can see there is a big difference: intent. People do not want the first type of spyware on their computers. It slows down browsing, pops up annoying ads and is almost like a virus.

However, the second type, actually "spy software", is used and loved by thousands of parents around the world. Rather than filter and censor their child's Internet experience, they keep a log of everything going on so that they can be aware and informed.

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