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Despite Government Data Losses, Security Education Spending Not Growing

While laptop and data loss continue to plague government agencies, a new report shows that federal spending on user education remains stagnant.

Out of an annual IT security budget of $5.6 billion, the United States is spending $140 million to $150 million annually on security awareness and training, according to Prabhat Agarwal, manager of Information Security Analysis for Input, a government-focused market research and analysis house. That user education number is expected to hold steady through 2012.

Agarwal estimates that government employs between 6 million and 10 million people.

Agarwal says spending on education just isn't where it needs to be, especially in light of the recent report that shows the FBI loses three to four laptops a month, and the Department of Veterans Affairs' ongoing struggle with data loss.

"It will lag where it is until or when another incident occurs," he says. "It's a very event-driven market. [Data loss] is happening more than it's being reported. It's all a question of spending priorities. ...It's a resource issue."

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