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DCEI Launches Storage Assessment Program

ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- Data Center Enhancements Inc. announces the release of their new STORAGE EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT PROGRAM, a comprehensive 25-point review and analysis of SAN/NAS/DAS storage infrastructure. This far-reaching, vendor-neutral program examines legacy storage and identifies areas where modest changes can yield significant cost, efficiency, and capacity improvements.

The global economy may be down, but demand for information storage has not followed suit. According to a recent IDC report, There are strong drivers for the market growth; besides all the usual suspects [e-mail, databases, files, etc.], there are growing segments of data protection, data archive and fixed content [videos, digital photos, etc.] that will continue boosting demand for storage capacity.” In a Dec. 2008 Ziff-Davis survey, 42% of the respondents expect an increase in storage purchases in 2009. Almost 90% of the companies surveyed expect storage to continue growing at 25-50% during the coming year.

According to Randy Cochran, President of Data Center Enhancements Inc., “Most corporations are literally drowning in their own data. The average company’s storage needs are expanding at a rate of 30%-50% per year, and has maintained this growth rate for the last seven years. This unprecedented surge of data consumes massive amounts of storage capacity, backup resources, electrical energy, data center floor-space, and human support skills. The traditional approach of just-add-more-disk only exacerbates today’s storage problems. Companies need to overhaul their legacy SAN or NAS infrastructure for maximum operational efficiency and performance.”

Data Center Enhancements Inc.