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DataDirect Intros DirectOS 3.08

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- DataDirect Networks Inc., the storage performance and capacity leader, announced today the release of DirectOS 3.08, featuring S2A SATAssureTM for its SATA equipped S2A9550 storage solution.

The newly updated S2A9550 is the only storage array on the market that detects and corrects silent data corruption’ inherent in SATA drives by performing on-the-fly real-time parity checking on all read I/Os without incurring any performance penalty. This ensures absolute data integrity and enables the use of SATA drives in large, scalable pools that measure from 100 terabytes to several petabytes (one petabyte is 1,000 terabytes) in capacity.

A single S2A intelligent storage controller manages up to 960 SATA drives (nearly 1000 Terabytes of data) in two datacenter racks. This massive, stable, and secure pool of large-capacity SATA drives, combined with the S2A’s superlative throughput performance is ideal for tape replacement, disk-to-disk backup, active archive, and virtual tape library applications.

"We are at the stage where end users are consuming magnitudes more capacity and retaining data for longer periods of time," said Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "We've done a great job at reacting to problems when they occur. There are storage systems with various RAID levels, snapshot copies and replication technologies. However, we have done a relatively poor job at solving problems before they happen. That is what DataDirect is bringing to the table. What is compelling about S2A is that it is preventative data protection. As our data stores get bigger, the need for preventative data protection will become even more valuable and necessary."

DataDirect Networks Inc.