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DataCore Runs on VMs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Leading storage virtualization vendor, DataCore Software, today announced support for implementing its storage virtualization and SAN management solutions as virtual servers” – running on many different server virtualization platforms, such as those from VMware, Xensource, Microsoft and Virtual Iron. The implications of creating a DataCore™ virtual SAN storage server on a virtual server, sometimes referred to as a “virtual machine” or “VM,” are meaningful in terms of savings through consolidation and in the new opportunities it affords for practical collaboration between the DataCore software and the server virtualization platforms. Even more significant is what this represents to the continuing evolution of the market away from fixed, single purpose, hardware-based storage solutions to flexible, hardware-independent, software-based storage solutions and infrastructures.

According to Arun Taneja, Founder, president and consulting analyst of the Taneja Group, “What DataCore has done here by putting DataCore virtual storage servers on virtual machines is a subtle way of further emphasizing that its hardware independent software solutions can go places and do things that hardware-based solutions can’t because of their physicality and built-in limitations on the other devices and systems with which they will work. This will not be lost on the server virtualization players, like VMware, Microsoft and Xensource, and is likely to spur opportunities for technical and commercial collaboration with DataCore.”

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