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Data Domain Adds Secure Data Shredding for Deduplication Storage

SANTA CLARA, CA -- 05/18/09 -- Data Domain, Inc., the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, today announced the introduction of secure, file-level data shredding capabilities as a feature in its Retention Lock software option. This is the industry's first inline deduplication storage solution designed to enable electronic data shredding on a per-file basis. This new shredding feature gives organizations the confidence that deleted files have been disposed of in an appropriate manner, helping them maintain confidentiality of classified material, limit liability and enforce privacy requirements.

Data Domain's approach securely overwrites blocks on disk belonging uniquely to deleted deduplicated files. This way, even small data sets stored inappropriately, for example social security numbers, can be cleared from all disks. As required, safe deduplicated data can be efficiently migrated to another system, quickly freeing the entire original system for proper disposal.

Shredding capabilities are growing in importance for compliance with, for example, the US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M Clearing and Sanitization Matrix and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. Data Domain's secure shredding feature was designed to meet these DoD and NIST standards. Government agencies and businesses can now sanitize confidential data that is accidentally written into an unapproved device or shred any content that is no longer required for internal or external purposes. Benefits include:

-- Simple: Shredding of data happens in-place, with data in its native
deduplicated state, avoiding the hassle and expense of setting up
additional environments to extract data and deduplicate it again. During
the System Sanitization process non-deleted data is available for restore
at all times.

-- Secure: By leveraging the locking features of Retention Lock, files
may also be protected from accidental deletion, ensuring only the correct
files are shredded.

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