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Data Center Solid-State Flash Report

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Flash Blazes into the Data Centre" report to their offering.

Courtesy of its falling price, solid-state flash memory is making its debut as a mass storage technology in the data centre, fitting in between disk and DRAM solid-state memory in terms of both performance and price. Vendors have hyped the corporate use of flash memory, and some have even talked of a flash revolution. In reality the take-up of so-called tier-zero flash storage will be slow, because flash will remain hugely more expensive than disk per unit of capacity. Even though the price of flash is set to continue tumbling, this price gap will only narrow slightly over the coming years, because disk will also continue to fall in price rapidly.

This report is an analysis of the customer segments targeted for mobile broadband services in Western Europe, and the strategies available to mobile and integrated operators to maximise their mobile broadband opportunity.

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