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Daily Spin: How Well Do You Wi-Fi?

The Big Picture
How Well Do You Wi-Fi?

The market for Wi-Fi-equipped mobile devices is maturing rapidly, but that doesn't mean every Wi-Fi radio is the same. While IT departments spend the bulk of their time worrying about the infrastructure side of the wireless LAN equation, it makes sense to pay attention to the client side as well.

But aren't all Wi-Fi radio clients pretty much the same?

You might think so, but as in any competitive market, vendors vie to come out on top. On the silicon side, Atheros, Broadcom and Intel are continually upgrading their chip sets to support new Wi-Fi flavors and maximize performance. On the PC side, system vendors such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo/IBM and Toshiba aim to optimize their Wi-Fi subsystems, including integrated radio modules, antennas and software.

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