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Daily Spin: Beware the Pump-and-Dump

The Big Picture
Hey there...Ever Been Pumped and Dumped?

Relax there smarty. I'm not coming on to you. And chances are if you started turning several shades of pink when you read that, then you have absolutely no idea what a "Pump-and-dump" really is. I suspect once you do, you might actually turn a few shades of red -- as the steam builds.

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Remember "Trading Places" -- the 80's vehicle with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd? Eddie the homeless guy and Dan the pompous Wall Street Wiz end up switching lives thanks to Dan's unscrupulous bosses? In the end they get their revenge by tricking Mortimer and Randolph into believing that their stock in frozen concentrated orange juice is going to be really valuable. When the old guys buy into the scheme, Dan and Eddie sock it to them, leaving the Duke Brothers bankrupt (and homeless ala Coming to America).

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