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Cutting IT Spending

Top 11Special thanks to Dave Baldwin, Erik Dauplaise, Ray Gauthier, Steven Grafing, Richard T. (Rick) McCormack, Jeff Meadows, John Patrick, Mark Payton, Ron Weskett and Jason Williams for their submissions. Because of cost-cutting measures, our usual feast of additional submissions has been shortened to a 1x1-pixel gif file.

When the developers at Mosaic Communications set out to create Mozilla, their lawyers requested that they clean the source code--literally. Developers were asked to remove "any text containing vulgar or offensive words or expressions." Jamie Zawinski did just that--but, like any good programmer, he documented his work, preserving for your viewing pleasure the complete list of revolting source-code comments that never made it into Mozilla. Here are our favorites*:

Seven Words You Can't Type While Programming

/* This sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks. */

# define rename hpux_sucks_wet_ farts_from_dead_pigeons

/* Lord Whorfin says: send me a click, dammit! */

/* stderr hackery - Why Unix Sucks, reason number 32767

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